• This lined papers made specifically to enhance your child’s hand writing. The more they practice writing in these paper, the more their handwriting will gets smaller and neater!

It consists of 4 papers, 2 of them with a box to draw on the top and the other two is all lined!

Download it free by clicking on English Paper Writing

  • This reward chart that is suitable for online teaching (VIPKID or DadaAbc) , B & M, homeschooling or parenting!
    It includes the following:
    16 Easter eggs.
    5 Chicks.
    5 Rabbits.
    2 big Easter basket.
    5 Butterflies.
    5 Bugs.
    8 Backgrounds.
    You can use it as many times as you want to the same student without getting bored by mix and match the theme with the background.

All you need is to print, cut, laminate and use Velcro for the chicks, butterflies, bugs, rabbits & eggs. Magnetic strip will be good for the background to put it on a board but not necessary.

  • This cute mini books for teaching sight words for pre-k level and the first step to start practice reading. Print and cut each page and put them in order as numbered, staple them at the side and the small book will be ready for your kids to give them the feeling of holding the book and only focus on the sight word you are teaching..

Mini-Books Sight Word “a”!

Mini-Book Sight Word “a”

Mini-Books Sight Word “the”!

Mini-Book Sight Word “the”