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Hello My name is Rolla, I entered the teaching world just 2 years ago. Although I feel that blogging should be more for people who have a lot of experience to share about their careers but I am very excited about everything I learned and decided to start blogging to share my little experience not just in work but my personal life too as I believe people never stop learning.

16 years ago, wealth management and investment banking was my passion & have been in this career for years. I loved my job and had fun traveling and earning the good bucks. Having said that I reached a point that I missed my daughter so much, I didn’t get to spend much time with her because I was so busy working. Without noticing she was already in High school (shocking for me) where did these years go?!!. Last week, I went to see her dance performance (she is in color guard). I got touched by the music watching her like a bird flying with the flag. I was very tearful, she is a beautiful young lady!! “Lady?”!!! I only remember her as 4 years old!

I separated from her dad when she was in 3rd grade and gave all the attention to work to earn the money to have a good future and left her and my 1 year old daughter with nannies most of the time!!

Every time I leave them and go to work, she will ask me “are we going to see you today before going to bed?”! It was heartbreaking, some days pass by and they didn’t get to see me at all. By the time they come back from school, have dinner, do their homework and play for a little then go to bed & I’m still at work!!!

The money will not help me to see them growing! I understand how important to pay for the bills but there must be other kind of work that I can spend more time with my kids.

I still ignored the situation and was laid back to do anything until my dad was diagnosed with cancer.

This scary disease came to our family!! I always hear about it but never thought or imagined that my beloved ones could suffer from it! Why not?!! It can happen to anyone!

I was very sad, disappointed & depressed. I had no will to give anything to work or life.. I felt nothing worth the time we lose to spend it with our dear ones.

During this time, I started meeting my other half, we got married and moved to the US.

I got pregnant quickly with my 3rd child. Now I have 3 kids, 2 of them were under age of 5, is it worth going back to work and leave them again? Nope! I thought that might be a good chance to not go back to overwhelming long working hours.


But I am workaholic! I love working! I love to do something productive and earn money (not a lot of money, just to pay the bills and treat myself a little.. lol). This is when I decided to enter the teaching world. I loved spending the time with my kids and other kiddos too. It get out my childish personality and I really have fun talking to children, dance and sing to them and teach them too. I tried babysitting, volunteer teaching in the weekend schools, worked as substitute in our school district and started first teaching job in a private school for the 4 years old (Pre-K class). I even started teaching Chinese kids online! You know what, I am having a lot of fun around them. May be that where I meant to be!

I would love to have more of a regular job with benefits though.. so I decided maybe I should study education and get my teaching license so I can work in public school. Lucky enough, in Texas where I live we can do alternative certification If I have a degree so I studied the extra teaching courses, child education and passed elementary subjects exam to teach in elementary schools.


This is great, I get summer off with them and any holidays during the school year too! I just need to either secure a 1 year internship teaching job or 14 weeks student teaching. I wasn’t lucky yet to get a job in public school but I am working on it and hoping for the better.


I will keep you posted with my goals and how things change Thanks for reading my blog and I hope it adds value to youJ)


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