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It’s pretty hard to teach kids time management as it’s abstract but have you ever thought teaching them time management in a visual way? Here comes the role of sand timer, the hour glass.

Visual timers are very good for kids teaching them many things, such as:

1- Transitioning: It helps your child to understand changes and transitions in their routines. Children tends to get busy in their little world, imagine how important for them trying to put legos together to build a house then we come to interrupt them to move on and do something else. Some of them get really frustrated but having a sand timer , you give them the chance to understand once time is running out, it’s time to move on. Usually they don’t know when exactly the time will run out but seeing the sand timer will give them self control of their own time while watching the sand going down.  Accordingly that will reinforce positive behavior

2- Staying on task: A lot of time we ask these little learners to do unpleasant tasks such as: cleaning up toys, brushing their teeth, solving worksheet, taking shower or even playing or doing a puzzle. The hour glass will let them be in control of their tasks and understand when it will start and when it’s about to finish .

3- Understand time: This visual cues is very practical tool that help them to grasp the concept of time and be in control of they are doing. They tend by then to be independent and provide self satisfaction on achieving their tasks.

4- Punishment: There will be sometimes that your child will need to come down, sit in the calming chair or simply time-out. This is the best way that worked for my kids to be able to see how long will be left before they get out of their chair. It tends to get them be responsible of their actions.

5- Children with special needs: it is very useful tool for children with special needs, this can be helpful for those who need to know when an activity will end due to anxiety about the length of an activity e.g., not knowing how long it will last or because they need preparation for transitions. (changes in activities that are about to occur) It give them visual control of their time.

Time is very complex concept for our children to understand, Sand timers give children something they can see and touch to help them measure time and learn about it eventually.

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